The biggest Montessori myths busted!

When you first hear about Montessori you would be forgiven for picturing children running wild doing whatever they like. The true picture though, is very different! We are busting myths here today - these are the biggest misconceptions about the Montessori method…

Myth 1: Children just do whatever they want

Maria Montessori knew that children have a natural drive for order, independence and learning. She discovered that by creating an environment that guides them without telling, then the children will naturally thrive within it. In essence, the educators are guiding the children on a journey and the children have the freedom to choose how they want to take it.

Myth 2: It’s an excuse for lazy adults

If the child is so independent then there mustn’t be anything left for the adults to do, right!? Wrong! Anyone that has tried letting their child do tasks for themselves knows that it’s almost always easier to take over and do it yourself! For Montessori education to be successful there needs to be a lot of planning, structuring, observation and facilitation. This all builds the framework for the children to learn within.

Myth 3: Montessori is just a trend

Maria Montessori, the Italian Physician and educator who founded the Montessori method, opened her first school in Rome 1907. Since then the teaching style has spread across the globe and there are now over 22,000 schools in more than 110 countries, including our very own Montessori Garden here in Underwood. The media attention comes and goes but this time tested method for helping build happy, independent and fulfilled children keeps growing.

Myth 4: Montessori is just for gifted children

Montessori learning isn’t about memorising things. It’s about teaching your child how to learn through curiosity, trial, error and success. Because of that Montessori is perfect for every child! Children are able to practice fundamental skills whilst doing activities that interest them personally - whether that’s numbers, spacial awareness, letters and language or physical movement. The learning fits to the child, not the other way around!

Myth 5: It’s all work and no play or it’s all play and no work

Some say all the children do is play where others say it looks like a lot of work! Well, with the Montessori method work and play are the same thing! Maria Montessori is famously quoted as saying “Play is the work of the child”. The Montessori Garden curriculum is designed to used structured play with specialised materials and life skills as a focus to make all play a learning opportunity and all learning a fun activity.

We hope that’s helped to clear up some of the confusion around the Montessori method. If you have any more questions or if you want to secure a place for your child at Montessori Garden please call us on (07) 3172 6651 or come and visit!

Jillian Myatt