Does your family know how to escape in a house fire?

Winter is a busy time for firefighters with more heaters and appliances being used there are lots more chances for home fires to start. If there was a fire in your home, would your family know what to do? The Queensland Fire Service (QFS) is running an online event on June 22 called Queensland’s Great Escape to help families practice how to deal with a fire in their home. 

They have developed a fun interactive site to take your family through the steps for developing an escape plan suited to your home. Check it out here. We encourage all of our families to get involved and use the plan to keep your loved ones safe. 

Use this QFS checklist to get you started (download a printable copy here):

  • Regularly test if your smoke alarms are working - make sure your children know what they sound like and what to do if they hear it!
  • Find at least two escapes from each room - it might be a window, are your children able to reach it?
  • Keep keys by doors and windows that could be locked
  • Discuss who will help who in a real fire - can your children get out of their own rooms or will they need help, what about grandparents or pets?
  • Practise crawling low to avoid smoke and heat - talk about how fires can hide behind doors. If you feel heat, don’t open the door.
  • Organise a safe meeting place outside - away from the house and other dangers where everyone can get to.
  • Who will call Triple Zero (000)
  • Practise and keep practising your escape plan!

Join the QFS event on June 22 to get your family ready! Remember that you will need to keep practicing and adapting your plan as your children grow and develop!

Jillian Myatt