Our Classes

"Help me to do it myself"
  • Montessori Garden Class Overview

    Montessori Garden has five dedicated classes

  • Yellow & Green Room

    3-5 years

    Child at Montessori Garden

    Both room have 2 educators for up to 22 children. Both these rooms are approved Kindergarten and both have early childhood teachers as well as the Montessori teachers. The children continue progressing through the Montessori activities at their own ability level. Our kindergarten programme runs from 8:15am – 3:45pm and is embedded in our Montessori programme. As in all rooms at the centre, we continue to follow the children’s interests as much as possible, and are happy to have parents input into our programs.

  • Purple Room

    2.5 years – 3.5 years

    Montessori Garden Educator

    The ratio in this room is 1 educator to 5 children. The Montessori programme is followed with each child. Through following the children’s interests, we endeavour to give them and insight into the wonders of the world surrounding them.

  • Toddlers Room

    15 months – 2.5 years

    Toddlers at Montessori Garden

    15moths babies go in to toddlers when they are old enough and are stable on their feet. This room has 2 educators to 10 children changing to 2 educators to 8 children in 2017. Again emphasis is put on self-help skills and on continuing development in their language, movement, social and emotional development.

  • Babies Room

    6 weeks – 2 years

    Babies Room, Montessori Garden

    6 weeks to 2 years. This room has up to 8 babies with 2 educators. The children are made to feel safe, secure and loved. We encourage the children to explore their world with curiosity and develop within themselves a feeling of competency and independence.

  • Extra-curricular activities

    • Itty Bitty Stars- a music and movement lesson. On Monday 
    • GROOVfit & Dance- Dance lessons. On Monday
    •  Soccer- On Tuesday and Thursday
    • Tennis- On Friday.
  • How to Enroll Your Child to a Class?